World Energy Investment 2018

World Energy Investment 2018 provides a critical benchmark for decision making by governments, the energy industry, and financial institutions to set policy frameworks, implement business strategies, finance new projects, and develop new technologies. 

It highlights the ways in which investment decisions taken today are determining how energy supply and demand will unfold tomorrow. The report looks at critical questions that have shaped the energy industry, including: Which countries and policies attracted the most energy investment in 2017, and what fuels and technologies are growing fastest? Is energy investment sufficient and targeted appropriately to realise the world’s energy transition objectives? How are oil and gas companies responding to higher oil prices? 

Are they changing their strategy decisions in order to ensure adequate supplies while minimising long-term risks? How is the business model for US shale evolving? Is the rapid growth of production in 2018 still largely based on continuous overspending or is the industry finally moving towards financial sustainability?

 Are business models and financing approaches supporting a shift in power generation investments towards renewables? How are regulators around the world shaping enabling investments in power system networks and flexibility? What policy and market factors drive energy efficiency spending? What new approaches to financing are emerging for efficient goods and services? How are the sources of energy finance evolving? What roles are public financial institutions and utilities playing? 

How are decision makers addressing investment risks in India and other emerging economies? What are governments and the energy sector spending on energy research and development? What are the main considerations facing investors in batteries and the electric vehicle value chain; carbon capture, utilisation and storage; and hydrogen?

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